Fishing charter rates include everything you’ll need for a day of fishing; fuel, bait, tackle, and a fishing license. We ask that you please bring drinks and snacks that your party will need for a day on the water. Also, we advise that you bring sunglasses, hat, sunscreen and any other items you may need to make your day as comfortable as possible.

*Prices are for 4 people. Each additional person will be $100 extra with a maximum of 6 people total.

*All Morning Charters start between 6 and 7 a.m. Afternoon trips will vary depending on availability.

Nearshore/Offshore Fishing Charters aboard the 24′ Blazer

4 Hour Fishing Charter- $600

5 Hour Fishing Charter- $750

6 Hour Fishing Charter- $900

Offshore Fishing Charters aboard the 27′ Ameracat

4 Hour Offshore Fishing Charter- $700

5 Hour Offshore Fishing Charter- $875

6 Hour Offshore Fishing Charter- $1050

8 Hour Offshore Fishing Charter- $1400

Inshore Shark Fishing Charters

3 Hour Fishing Charter- $475

If you do not see exactly what you are looking for please call, text, or email and we can customize your fishing charter.